Will Python Replace Java?

According to the IT programming trend, Java is currently more popular than other programming languages in terms of number of jobs, number of existing Java developers and overall usage statics in IT compared to Python. According to the latest usage statistics posted on a popular Technology Survey site, Java is being used by 3.0% websites as a server-side programming language, whereas only 0.2% of websites use Python. However, all the recent reports have highlighted that the usage and popularity of Python is growing drastically compared to Java where the Java usage is coming down year on year.

At myTectra we have been monitoring the Trend of Python and Java since 2013 based on number of Jobs posted inNaurki for Bangalore region since 2013. In the below table we could able to see that Java requirement is coming down year on year whereas Python requirement has grown from 200 in 2014 to 6500+ in 2017.

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